We’ll give you
the connections and tools you indeed need

We’ve built Superangel by building relationships. Today we’re using the connections and our combined experience as serial entrepreneurs and angel investors to create the best environment for you and your startup to grow. We’ll make sure the support you get matches your needs and your company’s stage.

A super-network

If you run into a challenge, there’s a high chance we know the right person to help you. A decade of investing, initiating projects, and bringing the startup ecosystem together has given us a power network covering local and global communities, universities, industry experts, angels and Europe’s top VC funds. Many of our limited partners are serial entrepreneurs and investors who have seen startups become unicorns first-hand.


Nail your KPIs and metrics, customer development, positioning and company culture. Part of our team at Superangel is dedicated to helping you master the strategies that can make or break your company in the long run. If you already have everything in place, you can use us simply as a sounding board. To make sure it’s not only the company that’s growing but also the founders and the team, we additionally bring in personal leadership and business coaches for extra power.

Extra fuel for scaling

Get badass industry experts with a wealth of experience to join your team as visiting experts and prepare your company for scaling – on us. They will help you develop fundamental strategies and processes, such as setting up a sales playbook, finding and onboarding talent or creating a growth marketing strategy over 1:1 sprints. The experts have skin in the game as they receive tokens of the Superangel fund in return, meaning if you win, they win.

The values that drive us

In it for impact

We’re out to shape a better future, so we look for founders and
technology with the ambition to have a global impact.

Mightier together

Collaboration > competition. Together – with founders and other investors
– we have a bigger positive impact on the world than going solo ever could.

Agile like a startup

We move fast and we think like a startup. We build, measure and adapt
our approach. Failure is ok if we learn from it.

Seeking for adventures

We always look for adventure and excitement. It’s our way of thinking fresh –
when we have a chance to jump out of a plane, we always say yes.

Respect over ego

We leave our egos at the door, respect founders for their
courage, and always seek to pay it forward.