1. General

Superangel is investing in world-changing technology developed by companies driving towards a sustainable and climate-neutral future. It is our responsibility to proactively engage and build a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem. We recognise the importance of responsible investment, and sustainability plays a major part in the way we build long-term business success.


Superangel is backing ambitious forward-looking founders building a better sustainable future with game-changing technology.


The purpose of the policy is to outline Superangel’s approach to responsible investment throughout the investment lifecycle. Superangel believes that attention to sustainability including Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) matters is a prerequisite for long-term value creation. We are committed to investing responsibly and our ambition is to help early stage companies become industry-defining and sustainable businesses.


The ESG principles are core of Superangel and run through our operations, decision making and value adding activities to our portfolio. We have incorporated ESG principles to our startup screening process, namely, we invest only in companies that address one of the UN SDGs. It is one of six of our core pillars of business due diligence. We evaluate it in the process of our investment committee meetings.

Internal processes

We are implementing ESG governance principles in our daily work as a fund. We lean on these principles in our internal processes of hiring, choosing partners, developing our brand and contributing to the startup ecosystem.


Superangel invests across multiple industries and business verticals. With the Superangel Two fund we aim to target the following ESG principles.

Environmental Principles

Reduction of emissions and supporting the use of renewable energy (UN SDGs 13, 15) – Substantially reduce emissions and offset existing emissions. Development of renewable energy sources.

Societal Principles

Reduction in inequality (UN SDGs 8, 9) – Creating jobs and offering services that improve the lives of vulnerable groups. Contributing to equal opportunities for employees. Diversity in all its forms, and an inclusive working environment with a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any kind

Governance Principles

Data rights are human rights (UN SDG 16) – Treat personal data and the privacy of customers and users with respect.


The Fund seeks to actively integrate ESG principles through its investment cycle: Pre-investment Superangel considers ESG matters early in the screening process to fully understand the ESG implications of an investment and consider risks and opportunities coming with it. The ESG factors in the pre-investment process are implemented through: Reviewing an ESG checklist during the early stage due diligence. Any ESG concerns or opportunities are documented; After reviewing the checklist, discussing the identified ESG issues and considering them during the Investment Committee meetings and investment decision making process.


We actively engage with management to ensure that ESG is a recurring theme implemented into daily business operations. In situations where Superangel does not have significant influence, there are a number of ways we help portfolio companies focus on ESG issues, including: We ask investee companies to disclose to us how they manage ESG related risks and opportunities on a day to day basis, and how they take them into account in their business planning and strategy, and quarterly reporting We add ESG to the agenda of board meetings (if applicable)

Exclusion Policy

Superangel’s focus is to invest in founders building a better sustainable future with game-changing technology. At the same time, we want to make it clear that we will never invest in any companies whose sole or primary business purpose is engaging in the following list of excluded activities:

  1. An illegal economic activity (i.e. any production, trade or other activity, which is illegal under the laws or regulations applicable to the Company, including without limitation, human cloning for reproduction purposes;
  2. Production of and trade in weapons and ammunition of any kind
  3. Production of and trade in tobacco and distilled alcoholic beverages and related products
  4. Coal exploration or production, or oil and gas exploration or production.
  5. Any gambling activities, including casinos and equivalent enterprises
  6. Fur production
  7. Adult entertainment
  8. Research, development or technical applications relating to electronic data programs or solutions, which aim at any of the above mentioned excluded industries


Governance and management

The Managing Partners of Superangel have an overall responsibility for this policy and ultimate ownership for integration of ESG considerations into the investment decisions. The Compliance Officer is responsible for checking and controlling the Superangel team’s adherence to the policy.

Annual review of the Policy

The policy should be reviewed at least annually by the Managing Partners of Superangel.


Superangel commits to report on impact measurements on a yearly basis at the Annual General Meeting. Each Investment Committee member is responsible for collecting and reviewing ESG related performance data received from the portfolio companies that they are deal champions of. This policy has been approved by the Board of Directors of Superangel. Any subsequent updates or revisions of the Policy shall be made available to all staff of Superangel and the Fund.