This summer we had two excellent, bright, curious and enthusiastic high school students Anna and Tiffany as interns at Superangel.

In a mere month, they delivered absolutely everything they were asked to do with a cheerful, helpful attitude and infectious energy, including:

  1. Helped Jaan with data entry
  2. Wrote down what VC is, so it can be used with next interns
  3. Provided sourcing network ideas for the Nordics
  4. Wrote research reports on thesis topics
  5. Quantitatively analysed our decision making weights of criteria
  6. Proposed questions for two founder calls based on the research
  7. Looked for new deals
  8. Got a fundraising deck from a founder
  9. Listened in on rants about LLMs, VC and other random topics
  10. Read the investment process and criteria document under development and provided questions and commentary that helped clarify the writing

We were lucky to have these emerging superstars in our team. Here’s their take.

What Is Your Background?

Anna: I’m a rising freshman at Harvard College, planning to concentrate in environmental sciences and engineering, or statistics. I recently graduated from Gustav Adolf Grammar School with highest honors in the mathematics and English specific class. At GAGS I served as the President of the Student Council, a member of the school’s administrative board, and organized events on politics and sustainability for the school. Additionally, I’ve conducted research in the areas of raw materials and the environment and participated in international academic competitions.

Tiffany: I’m a High School student at EBS and my heart lies in the disruptive startup ecosystem. I’ve experienced the highs and lows of being an entrepreneur, from a humble lemonade stand to being a tech startup founder. My most recent ventures and experiences have come from my passion for mental health. 

Why Venture Capital?

Anna: Venture capital appeals to me due to its lean, innovative, and adaptable nature. I thrive in environments that are fast to implement new ideas and bring out their practical value. Furthermore, venture capital provides a platform where I can showcase my strengths in creative problem-solving and analytics. It is inspiring to see how a good idea and the right team can transform the way people live their lives and how countries operate.

Tiffany: I took an MIT college course on the fundamentals of entrepreneurial finance, and the section about VCs gave me a new perspective on the startup ecosystem. And the venture into this uncharted territory has led me to Superangel HQ in Telliskivi. To me, VCs provide the momentum needed to propel innovation and support it. So, between paving the way for a new generation of VCs and helping me learn how the jam is made right from the source, it was a no-brainer.

Startup you’d invest your tuition fee in

Tiffany: I’m compelled to say I’d invest in my own startup, along with all my spare change and sleeping hours. But stepping from founder to VC shoes, I’m really passionate about the renewable energy and deep tech sector (köh köh Superangel). As of right now, I’m excited to see how startups tackle the challenges of big data.

What Book/Podcast Do You Most Frequently Recommend To Friends And Family And Why?

Anna: I often recommend Oxford’s Very Short Introductions to friends and family. Books from this series provide a concise yet insightful nous into various subjects, helping readers decide whether to delve deeper into specific topics. Recently I read James Fulcher’s Capitalism: A Very Short Introduction, which provided valuable perspectives on economic systems. I also enjoy books that explore the intertwining of natural laws and society, like The 80/20 Principle by Richard Koch. Furthermore, David Attenborough’s A life on our planet is a positively motivating read about the environmental crisis where he draws from decades of experience to present a vision for the future.

Tiffany: I like to read things that humble me in my knowledge. If I don’t have to google a word or underline a new thought every few minutes, then I’m bored. On my nightstand at the moment, you can find ”Denial of Death” by Ernest Becker, some Albert Camus, and a sprinkle of Dostoyevsky. Although I’m a music not a podcast person, my exception is Philosophize This. A little unorthodox, but give me 3 more years in the startup scene, and I’m sure I’ll graduate to Tim Ferriss or a16z.

What did you learn and how did you like it at Superangel?

Anna: The inner workings of rapidly growing businesses were new to me at the start of the internship. Thus, getting to know how people’s expertises complement each other to make a smoothly operating company was really interesting. During the internship I got to think about how the macro environment influences the micro scale and vice versa. For example why certain types of batteries are becoming more popular, what that means for battery manufacturers, and how new developments could reorganize that picture. The realm of deep-tech startups is captivating, and it’s an area I’m eager to engage more deeply with. Thank you to Kärt Siilats for the opportunity! I very much appreciate that I got to work with and learn from the amazing team at Superangel who are at the top of the heap and also genuinely nice and welcoming people.

Tiffany: It was really a “stepping through the looking glass” type of experience. I realized how  invaluable an investor’s perspective on the entrepreneurial landscape is. My favorite aspect of the internship was its broadness and fluidity. Which gave me the opportunity for self expansion in different fields. Thanks to the awesome team at Superangel, I got to really feel that I helped the community and made an impact. Which is the best way to spend your summer, in my opinion. Expanding horizons🚀