We are thrilled to have Celine Pattyranie join our team as an Associate and with that, officially open our offices in Stockholm! πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ

Celine joins our investment team to help us expand Superangel’s footprint in the Nordics. The Nordics are a known hotbed for impactful startups and with our focus being on early-stage founders building impactful technology, doubling down on the region is really a no-brainer.

Celine brings a wealth of operational experience with her, latest one being at Lassie, making her a great fit to Superangel’s entrepreneurial mindset and a fantastic person to establish relationships with early-stage founders.

Everybody, meet Celine

I’m born and raised in Sweden, currently living in Stockholm. Besides Sweden, I’ve also been living in Spain and the UK. My interest in the startup ecosystem sparked while working in the UK supporting Swedish startups interested in expanding to the UK as part of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce for the UK.

My most recent experience is from a Swedish InsurTech startup Lassie, where I was part of their journey from pre-seed to raising a series A. I got to experience everything from launching and getting the first customers, getting even more customers and growing in the home market, to just recently launching in a second market. As you can imagine, it was a fantastic experience and a steep learning curve!

Enthusiastic about the early days of startups – well, Celine, you’re in the right place

I enjoy being part of the start of a company and joining an early-stage VC gives me the opportunity to support different startups on their growth journeys. Additionally, the team at Superangel have extensive operational experience and there is so much to learn from everyone in the team – learnings I hope to spread to my network in return!

If she’s not talking with founders, she’s enjoying the outdoors

In springtime, you’ll most likely find me outside, probably running or walking in the park. On the same theme, I love trying out different types of exercises, preferably with a group of people.

If you like podcasts, you and Celine will get along just fine!

I am a big fan of podcasts (hint; I need something to listen to while running/walking). I mostly listen to Swedish podcasts and have an interest in lifestyle/health topics. However, it’s not too much fun for all non-Swedes to hear me list a bunch of podcasts in Swedish, so here are a few tips for anyone interested in the startup/VC ecosystem – β€œThe Twenty Minute VC”, β€œAssociated Podcast” and β€œUnder 15” (one for my fellow Swedes).

Welcome to the team, Celine! Excited to have you!