We are glad to welcome Christine to Superangel team for the next 8 weeks. Christine joined us through the 101 Fellowship – a practical program designed for young people who are interested in venture capital. This is the second time Superangel participates in the initiative.

What Is Your Background?

I started my career working for a subsidiary of Amazon a decade ago after studying for my BBA. Since then I have worked for a handful of companies spanning many industries, private, public, non-profit, and startups in a number of business roles. I am a self proclaimed business nerd and fell in love with Venture when raising funds for a biotech startup VoxCell in my current role as COO. 

Why Venture Capital?

Being on the startup side of the table has been fascinating and I found myself wanting to get into the mind of VC’s and understand how Venture Capital works so that we could have more meaningful conversations – and the world of VC hooked me in. I started reading books on Venture, watching panels and podcasts, reading blogs, and dipping my toes into the VC Twitter-sphere and the rest is history. VC calls to me because it combines ideas/products, and people/teams, but is so primarily focused on the business – will this be successful (money/impact). 

Startup You’d Invest Your Tuition Fee In?

Depends on the terms! The emerging eVTOL (electric vertical takeoff and landing) industry blows me away (pun intended) and I would take the bet that Volocopter is poised to become a leader in the space. They have been working hard in Singapore and are committing to have electric air taxis operational within the next three years. The future is here and now seems to be the time to invest in future-focused mobility startups. 

What Book/Podcast Do You Most Frequently Recommend To Friends And Family And Why?

My copy of the Tao te Ching (Stephen Mitchell translation) has been lent out and dutifully collected a number of times, it was first introduced to me by my Professor in a Leadership 200 level course and has been an amazing resource throughout my career and life. I tend to only read non-fiction and some highly recommended reads for everyone are A New Earth (Eckhart Tolle), Blink (Malcom Gladwell), and Getting to Yes (Fisher, Ury, Patton). I recently started reading Secrets of Sand Hill Road (Scott Kupor) and am enjoying it so far.