How can a leadership and business coach help your startup grow into new markets and build strong teams? 

Superangel was thrilled to have Mark Ashton as a guest speaker. Before focusing on coaching founders he has gained over 20 years’ experience in hands-on problem solving consultancy in many different businesses, and grew sales from $6 million to $20 million in a B2B high tech company in the USA. He describes it as a business leader’s baptism of fire. 

His goal as a coach is to improve leaders and teams, help them make better decisions, build stronger business relationships, and grow their companies. He also helps European companies to enter and grow successfully in the USA and Canada.

In the session we covered:

  • What can a coach help you as a startup founder or manager build successful teams?
  • How can coaching change the way your team solves problems and brings new ideas to the table?
  • How have Google, Apple, and other major success stories used a coach to help them operate in a high performing environment?
  • What is Mark’s approach to coaching?
  • How does he suggest to find the right coach?