We at Superangel are super excited to have Diana Lace – Davidova joining the team. She joined Superangel’s investment team and is helping to find the best early-stage startups. We asked Diana about her previous experience and why she is fond of early-stage technology companies.

What is your background?

I have been on different sides of the startup ecosystem. Over the past years, I have had my experience in an ed-tech startup Edurio, setting up an accelerator program and VC fund Overkill Ventures & community building at Latvian Startup Association. Out of all things I’ve done, the common thread is working with early-stage companies (which I enjoy most), thus, I joined Superangel. 

Why do you like early-stage technology companies?

I like building things 0 to 1 and seeing how great companies are built. To me, early-stage startups are exciting because of all of the moving parts – operating with vast opportunity and uncertainty is interesting. 

What book/podcast do you most frequently recommend to friends and family and why?

Some of my favourite books are Homo Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari, Justice by Michael Sandel and Principles by Ray Dalio. I recommend these reads to everyone, as they are useful regardless of age or career path. I am also a fan of the Morning Brew newsletter for daily news. 

And I’d definitely recommend my favourite childhood book – Harry Potter.

Welcome Diana and onwards!